January 2020 Security Update

EDIT: See out follow up post here!

Today December 12, 2019 we tested the current production SwissDecTX 4.08 transmitter against the newest Swissdec Reference App (“Swissdec refapps 2019.11.1 (25698) 12.12.2019 13:16:13“) which is believed to implements the latest security specifications slated for release in January 2020.

We are pleased to inform our customers that the transmitter passed all our inter-operability and transmission tests, using the ‘next’ Ref App URL pointing to the up-and-coming version of the Swissdec receiver:


As of today, we do not plan to release a software update to accommodate the planned changes in the Swissdec Receiver security configuration, as the SwissDecTX 4.08 transmitter is already compatible with the January 2020 changes: the transmitter should continue to work seamlessly and does not necessitate any redeployment or changes on customer’s sites.

Be assured that we keep a close eye on the evolution of the Swissdec standard and will do our best to ensure the SwissDecTX transmitter keeps functioning reliably as the standard evolves.

Axel Rietschin