Data Transmission

SwissDecTX handle all transmission and encryption / decryption duties outlined in the SwissDec transmitter requirements. It also covers all the required transmitter-related use-case scenarios, from connectivity tests to interoperability to data transmission and error detection.

Your application supplies well-formed XML salary declarations, the SwissDecTX transmitter validates, signs, encrypts and transmits your data, then decrypts and supplies the results back to your application, with optional HTML conversion and formatting of the replies.

Data Log / Journal

SwissDecTX maintains a full data transmission journal on disk, with the original XML declaration, all messages sent and received with their digital signatures as well as any error(s) or warning(s) encountered.

The transmission journal maintained by the SwissDecTX transmitter is 100% compliant with all SwissDec transmitter specifications and requirements, and thus fully certifiable: you do not need to implement your own transmission journal or store the transmitted and received messages in your application's database: simply turn on the transmitter's log and you are done.

Data Presentation

SwissDecTX includes a sophisticated XSLT-based response processing mechanism that parses, extracts and formats the SwissDec server's replies and transforms them to ready-to-display HTML, in just a couple of lines of code.

The resulting data is 100% compliant with SwissDec specifications for end-user errors and warnings presentation. This feature alone saves your developement team a huge amount of time and frustration, given the complexity of the SwissDec requirements regarding data presentation. We handle all this for you!