SwissDecTX 4.03 Released

Geneva, September 17, 2014

Today, we announce the release of the SwissDecTX 4.03 transmitter, as part as our ongoing commitment to provide the best possible and most up-to-date SwissDec experience to our customers.

Changes from v4.02 includes full support for the ‘Statistic’ domain that has been enabled on SwissDec (thanks to Mário Petráš from P&I AG, who kindly helped validate the feature).

The new version also delivers native support for 64-bit Windows: when deploying the SwissDecTX 4.03 transmitter on a computer running a 64-bit version of Windows, the installer will automatically deploy 64-bit components such as a 64-bit version of the command-line utility (SwissDecTX.exe) and a 64-but version of the DLL interface proxy (SwissDecTX64.dll) in addition to the 32-bit DLL proxy.

Customer applications written to take advantage of 64-bit platforms can now transmit data to SwissDec while staying entirely within the 64-bit domain. Or course, the full compatibility with 32-bit application running on 64-bit Windows is preserved, and nothing has changed regarding the 32-bit world so the SwissDecTX 4.03 transmitter is fully backward-compatible and a drop-in replacement for all previous SwissDecTX 4 versions.

This release also include minor internal adaptations in preparation for the up-coming SwissDecTX Gateway add-in, a high-performance, high-volume software gateway enabling SwissDec transmission from computers not directly connected to the internet and/or running on virtually any platform, including non-Windows operating systems. The gateway also enables high throughput local queuing of SwissDec declarations and background, decoupled transmission using a very simple yet robust file-based protocol.