SwissDecTX 4.07 Released

Geneva, June 6, 2016

Today, we announce the release of the SwissDecTX 4.07 transmitter for Swissdec 4.0.0, as part as our ongoing commitment to provide the best possible and most up-to-date Swissdec experience to our customers.

Version 4.07 introduces a new “per-machine” configuration mode where the administrator can decide to install and centrally configure the SwissDecTX transmitter for all users on a given computer, as opposed to the default mode where the transmitter is configured for the installing user only.

The new mode was introduced in response to user feedback and will prove helpful in some scenarios, such as Terminal Server / Citrix deployments. Please note that the per-user configuration is still the recommended default for most uses.

The new per-machine configuration option can be selected easily from the built-in Test & Configuration utility.

Additionally, users of the command-line tool, SwissDecTX.exe, can now pass a negative argument to the INTEROP2 second operand parameter. Previously, a bug prevented negative arguments, as -o2 -1.00 was interpreted by the tool as two separate switches. Users can now surround the second operand in single-quotes to pass negative values, as in -o2 ‘-1.00’

The SwissDecTX 4.07 transmitter has been thoroughly tested against the official Swissdec 4.0.0 test distributor [itServe AG Receiver Referenz Implementation 3.0.7_1 .7s (Build 21081)], as well as against the latest Swissdec working test distributor [4.0.0-SNAPSHOT (21320) 26.04.2016 15:24:42] and found to interoperate perfectly with both versions of the distributor.

As a side note, all releases of the SwissDecTX 4.x transmitters were always compliant with the latest published Swissdec 4.0.0 recommendations. In particular, the SwissDecTX transmitter started using the recommended RSA-OAEP et AES256-CBC encryption protocols exclusively, since the first 4.0 release in late 2013, and those protocols have been successfully used in production with several certified “4.0” salary applications since early 2014.

The upcoming (June 2016) deprecation of some older protocols should no have any effect on existing SwissDecTX 4.0x transmitters, in particular, no redeployment is necessary as all existing SwissDecTX 4.0x transmitters are already compliant with the latest transmitter requirements.

The SwissDecTX 4.07 transmitter is available for immediate download.