SwissDecTX 4.08 Released

Geneva, July 17, 2016

Today, we announce the release of the SwissDecTX 4.08 transmitter for the Swissdec 4.0.0 directives, as part as our ongoing commitment to provide the best possible and most up-to-date Swissdec experience to our customers.

Version 4.08 introduces a new “proxy settings” option to the command-line interface of the transmitter, enabling users of this interface to specify a proxy host and port, and optionally a proxy user and password.

To that effect, a new parameter -p has been added to the PING, INTEROP, INTEROP2, TX, STATUS and DATA modes.

The syntax of the new -p parameter is as follow:


Users of the various transmitter’s direct API always had access to proxy settings through the ITransmitter4::SetProxy() and ITransmitter4::SetProxyWithCredentials() API functions or their C# or DLL equivalent.

The proxy feature introduced in version 4.08 is non-breaking: besides the addition of the new optional -p parameter, the operation of the command-line interface is identical. No other change were made to the transmitter so v4.08 is a fully backwards compatible drop-in replacement for all previous SwissDecTX transmitter 4.x versions.

The SwissDecTX 4.08 transmitter is available for immediate download.