SwissDecTX 5.0 BETA Released!

Sept. 14, 2022 – The SwissDecTX 5.0 BETA for Swissdec ELM 5.0 is ready for immediate download. All of the ground work is complete for Swissdec 5 and the entire Swissdec 5 API is covered and exposed through all of the transmitter interfaces, including the command-line tool.

The complete redistributable installer (the part that you bundle with your application and ship to your customers royalty-free) is still a lightweight 2.5MB package that does not bloat your product and installs in seconds.

The transmitter configuration (certificates, URLs…) can be entirely automated from your application’s installer. The transmitter features an integrated transmission journal and interoperability testing that are accepted for the Swissdec certification, meaning you have less work to do to comply with the Swissdec requirements.

Unique to the SwissDecTX transmitter is the optional conversion of server replies into ready-to-display HTML that your application can effortlessly display in a browser control. The display formatting is acceptable as-is for the certification, saving you weeks of tedious work!

In production since 2009 for Swissdec 2.2, the SwissDecTX Transmitter is the most tested, most reliable, most lightweight solution for your Swissdec ELM transmission needs. Written in C# on top of .NET 4.8 today, the transmitter is natively compatible with 64-bit environments and can be invoked from any development system or language using .NET, COM, a “classic DLL” interface, or even from the command-line without any special programming.

With about 30 software publishers collectively deploying their respective products to hundred of enterprise customers and large organizations like Etat de Vaud and the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) using it, the SwissDecTX transmitter is the most often certified, most reliable, most field-proven, and most robust solution for secure Swissdec data transmission.

Ask your SUVA representative about it and try it today! Many customers have made their first successful transmission on the first day!

SwissDecTX 5.00 BETA is available now on the download page.