General Documentation:

SwissDecTX 4 Presentation (PDF)
SwissDecTX 4 Presentation (PowerPoint)

For developers:

SwissDecTX Integration Guide (French)
SwissDecTX 4 API Help File (CHM format, please unzip before opening)
SwissDecTX 4 Sample XML Input and Output Data Set (Test files & results)
SwissDecTX Gateway Technical Overview (Optional SwissDecTX Gateway add-in)

Downloadable Packages (full versions with demo license):

SwissDecTX 4.08 for SwissDec 4 (Current)

NB: The latest test URL has changed and the one presented by default in the downloadable software is no longer current. Please use the following URL for all tests! Thank you.

The SwissDecTX transmitter 4.08 is 100% ready for integration and certification with your application conforming to the latest SwissDec 4 transmission directives. You can download the package right now and start transmitting today with the included demo license.

The package includes the SwissDecTX 4 silent installer, the developer documentation (CHM file) as well as the support files (.lib, .h, .tlb) necessary for integration with your development environment, 32-bit or 64-bit. The installer is designed to be launched as part of your own application’s installer, as such it does not require any user interaction and only displays a minimal “progress bar” user interface. If the installation succeeds, no message is displayed and the installer simply ends.

The integration guide (in French) is not part of the v4 package but you can get the previous version from the 3.09 package below. The integration guidance is very similar between all versions of the SwissDecTX transmitter.

Download SwissDecTX 4.08 (latest production version for SwissDec 4)
NB: The installer is “silent”, it only displays a minimal progress user interface.

SwissDecTX 3.09 for SwissDec 3 (Legacy)

The SwissDecTX transmitter 3.0 is suitable for the SwissDec 3 directives and 100% ready for certification with your application. This package includes the full documentation and integration guide. This is our current full-production package for SwissDec 3, already deployed at hundreds of end-customer’s sites all over Switzerland through 15+ producers of certified salary applications.

Download SwissDecTX 3.09 (latest production version for SwissDec 3)
NB: The installer is “silent”, it only displays a minimal progress user interface.

SwissDecTX 1.26 for SwissDec 2.2  (Legacy)

The SwissDecTX transmitter 1.26 is suitable for the legacy SwissDec 2.2 directives. This package includes the full documentation, integration guide and short code samples in VB/VBA that demonstrates the use of the transmitter. This is the last iteration of the original SwissDecTX transmitter, certified several times alongside salary applications in all regions of Switzerland since 2009!

Download SwissDecTX 1.26 (latest production version for SwissDec 2.2)
NB: The installer is “silent”, it only displays a minimal progress user interface.

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